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February 20th – March 20th

Element – Water

Ruler – Neptune

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. Those who are Pisces are extremely sensitive and reserved. They like to escape from reality. A Pisces is a very good listener and friend.


02nd Mar 2018

19th February - 20th March

Ruler Neptune - Element Water

This will be a magical, month unlike any you have seen recently, and the events that take place now and the actions you take could well put you on a new, vibrant path. The entire month will centre on your most serious, close committed relationship. It is a month that will coax you to think about romance, and more importantly about the meaning of everlasting love.

The month starts out with a gorgeous full moon. For some Pisces, this will be their most enchanting wedding date, when all the little white birds in the heavens circle around you and your beloved you as you exchange rings and promises. If you are not ready to wed, you can become exclusive to one another, or go farther and celebrate getting engaged.

You're back! The Sun is in Pisces until March 20, meaning it's birthday season for you. Your annual solar return should rev up your energy and personal passions—and you'll be glad to have this extra fuel to get through what promises to be another busy month. Like January, March is bookended by TWO full moons, both in the committed-partnership zones of your chart. This could bring potent turning points to your relationships. And two planets, Mercury and Jupiter, will slow down into retrograde motion, which could churn up chaos and send out mixed signals.

If you've been reeling from the eclipses on January 31 and February 15, March can help you start to make sense of it all. This year has sent most of us off to the races. And with these eclipses activating your houses of work, health and spirituality, you've probably got a lot of irons in the fire. There haven't been many quiet moments to work through all the energy that's gotten stirred up. You KNOW it's time for a change…but what, how, when and where?

Fortunately, March should provide some windows to reflect and integrate. And no need to do it alone! On March 1, a full moon in Virgo illuminates your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. A dynamic duo that's been heating up over the past six months could become official. Or, since full moons can also signify endings, you might decide to amicably part ways. From colleagues to S.O.s to best friends, this is a perfect moment to take inventory of your most important ties and get back in sync with each other.

If you've been traveling a lot, you might touch down at home base a bit more often. This is also a productive time for writers and students to finish a manuscript, complete coursework or brush up on technical skills. Don't worry—there's plenty more adventure ahead. Jupiter will stick around in Scorpio until November 8, so you can launch into the stratosphere again, and this time with a more realistic plan of action.

The March 17 Pisces new moon marks your personal new year, a day to set powerful intentions that you can manifest over the coming six months. This same day, energizer Mars leaves Sagittarius and your career sector, where it's been heating up the action but also piling on the pressure. Some work-related burdens could lift, clearing the way for some exciting collaborations when Mars enters Capricorn and your teamwork sector from March 17 until May 16. The eleventh house rules technology, which could make you a social media superstar or a viral vlogging sensation.


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