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June 22nd – July 22nd

Element – Water

Ruler – Moon

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. This sign is marked by inconsistency. They enjoy security but also seek adventure. A Cancer is not very predictable and always keeps other guessing.

Cancer June 21st - July 22nd

20th Jun 2017

Mars is in Cancer for the first time in two years and will give you energetic get up and go, and a willingness to move forward on a venture or relationship that is close to your heart, even if your goal is hard to achieve. The wonderful part about Mars is that it makes you undaunted by obstacles – success is assured!

It is time to ask yourself what would you like to accomplish in your birthday year ahead. Think big!  It’s is a good idea to ask yourself this question in the weeks prior to your birthday. As you evolve and mature, so do your dreams., After a time, former goals may seem too narrow in focus, or even a bit juvenile – you may be ready to tackle much bigger goals, but may not have realized that until now. The magical part of life is that things we felt we could never imagine doing, suddenly become possible as we mature and have more experience.

The Sun will move through your twelfth house and you will be cast in a quiet, behind-the-scenes role. This suggests that right now you might be working on a project (or a relationship) that is not quite ready to be presented to the world, or to those around you.

Mars will remain in your sign until next month, July 20. Your prime time with Mars in Cancer will be from June 23 to July 20 – write that period down on a post-it on your desk and be ready.

After that new moon in Cancer arrives on June 23, you will likely get a stunning break that comes out of the blue, that you had no inkling would be coming. It will involve your career, and moreover, your reputation for excellence – it will make you very happy.

You appear to be very popular with higher ups, even if you assume no one is noticing anything you are doing – your stars say VIPs are paying attention, and they are impressed. I say this because on June 2-3, Venus will conjoin Uranus in Aries in your solar tenth house of profession, triggering accolades that you may or may not know about. Sometimes VIPs will notice fine work but say little, only sharing their opinions with other VIPs, and singling you out as a star in the making. No matter what you suppose, it is clear that when it comes to career, you are doing well.

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