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March 21st – April 20th

Element – Fire

Ruler – Mars

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Those who are Aries are independent and courageous. They enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into the lives of others. An Aries is enthusiastic and goal-oriented.


03rd Apr 2018

21st March - 19th April

Ruler Mars Element Fire

As you enter April, you may be still thinking of what happened over the full moon in your opposite sign of Libra on March 31, a mere one day prior to the start of April. If not much occurred at that full moon, you still might hear news in the first three days of April.

If you are not in a serious business or established romantic relationship, then it could be that a competitor came out of the shadows to challenge you or will within a day or two. That full moon was not easy – Mars and Saturn, currently based in your career house, was at odds with that full moon, making it more emotional than most.

Maybe your significant other is feeling left out of your life – certainly your career is bringing you wide attention, and your climb upward professionally is nowhere near its peak. You have far to go! If you have not given your partner much attention, and the relationship is important to you, do your best to do something special on weekends.

Mars and Saturn are currently orbiting together in Capricorn and will conjoin on April 2. This will be a pairing of fire (Mars) and ice (Saturn). You may want to get a business project off the ground quickly, but Saturn will hold you back, so expect to encounter delays. This can initially feel frustrating, but Saturn is actually working in your favour, so be cheerful about taking things slow and easy.

Mercury is also retrograde, a holdover from last month when Mercury started retrograding March 22. It is never a good idea to forge forward when Mercury is out of phase. Mercury will finally go direct on April 15, so allow some space between that date and the date you initiate your actions.

One fantastic day for you will be April 23, the best day of the month, when your rising reputation and mounting career victories will result in more money for you. Active Mars will combine forces with good fortune Jupiter on this day, April 23, leading to a very productive, successful day for initiating action and generating profits. This would be a fine day to sign a contract, have an important business meeting, launch an advertising or publicity campaign, give a presentation, or do something else vital for your professional future

Venus will be in Taurus through April 24th. This is one of Aries neighbouring signs and a neutral position for your love life. That means this will generally be a good time for love. However, if you are looking for a new partner you need to take an active role. Partners are unlikely to show up out of the blue under this constellation. However, all that work you put into finding love is sure to pay off. Venus will then move into Gemini on April 25th, which promises improvements in the love area. So keep your eyes open if you want to find new love - this will be a great time for all affairs of the heart. Old relationships are sure to blossom as well.   

Mars will still be in Capricorn, where it will remain for the entire month. This means it will create a square with Aries, so this is a good time to take things down a notch and take care of yourself. You won’t have to use all your energy, so focus on your health.

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