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Pet Pamper programme


Reiki  Practitioners Christine Chambers and Sarah Holmes truly believe that our pets are guardian angels in a fur coat and come and find us here on the earth plain. So while our furry chums accompany us on a small part of our journey, why wouldn’t we want to give them the best of care through daily pampering and holistic therapies.

Tuning into your pet through a spiritual workshop . . .

Friends Christine and Sarah have come up with a spiritual workshop for pets that we can all follow to make sure our pets are grounded and stay in good health while here. Our pets are often our soul companions and confidants in an overwhelming world.

The spiritual workshop involves Reiki and other holistic therapies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and balancing of Chakras.

Reiki or channeling of universal energy is a skill that Christine and Sarah say everyone is capable of, and they will teach you how to perform just a few techniques to make your furbaby’s mind, body and spirit a little more comfortable with the earth’s vibration.

Ten techniques featured on the workshop:

  • Reiki: How to brush your pet with one hand and stroke with the other to channel universal healing energy. You will be shown how to send loving thoughts while visualising healing energy revitalising your pet though the palms of your hands. This could also help alleviate bad behaviour by removing negative emotions and blocks. Pet parents will learn how to change behaviour with positive affirmations.
  • Psychic interaction: Spreading the love! Tell your pet that you love them everyday regardless (even if they are naughty sometimes!). By all means tell them out loud, but why not have some fun and try and communicate on a psychic level and send them a message. The workshop will include a quiet moment where you can practice communication with your pet. It will be fun to see if your pet responds with a lick, purr or general excitement, or maybe you will get a psychic message back. Are they trying to tell you something!?
  • At one with nature: Weather permitting - for dog owners. Go or discuss going for regular walks in the woods or green open spaces and letting your pet feel the grass under their feet while tuning into the earth’s vibration. (Feel free to take your shoes and socks off and join in if it’s not too chilly!)
  • Reiki with massage: Learn how to massage your pet with coconut oil for optimum skin health and general skeletal wellbeing. Dogs particularly like a gentle massage down the spine or on arthritic limbs. Of course, our skin can become a little dry over the winter too due to central heating and the cold weather, so we won’t forget to save a little oil for ourselves!
  • Developing Social skills: Discuss how to socialise your dog. Cats are generally loners and may not take too kindly to fellow feline interaction, but socialising, especially in the cold, dark days of winter can see huge benefits to all our well-being. A simple trip to the park or dog friendly pub could be all it takes to raise our vibrations. Workshop will include a group discussion.
  • Healthy snacking: It isn’t quite our five-a-day, but it is said that pets who join in with the family’s love of veggies live longer. Discuss how food is human medicine so why wouldn’t it be good for pets also. Try your pets on fresh veggies, especially dogs who particularly enjoy raw carrots, cucumber, cooked green beans, peas and a little broccoli. Talk about foods to be avoided such as onions, garlic, avocado, grapes and chocolate - all toxic to dogs.
  • Brain exercise: Why not try playing more challenging games with your dog or cat. Workshop will include practise letting them sniff out a treat under some cups - it really keeps their brain active and provides great interaction between pets and parents.
  • Healing pets: Test your dog and cat’s healing powers! If you or a member of your family are feeling under the weather, you will often find that your cat or dog will snuggle up with you. This is their way of offering you healing. Test them out to see if they are healing pets. Christine and Sarah know they will just love to share their energy and aura with you!
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - learn how to tap into your pet’s emotional well-being and administer a sense of calm through EFT.
  • Chakras: Finish the day by aligning your pet’s Chakras with a pendulum.


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