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What is meditation and how do I get started?

What is meditation and how do I get started?

Meditation is often seen as a person sat in the lotus position calmly humming to themselves amongst beautiful scenery. This stereotype is so well known that many people believe the lotus is actually detrimental to the meditation experience! Would you be surprised to know that the state of spiritual calm awareness brought on by meditation can be tuned into no matter what you are doing?

Meditation is a state of awareness with a clear mind. It’s not just a simple relaxation or time for thought, it’s so much more. To meditate is to have the mind completely spiritually aware of what is going on around it, but clear of clouding thoughts or emotion. It’s a deep state of peace that you don’t necessarily need to learn so much as to access, the potential is already inside your mind.

How do I get to this part of the mind then, I hear you ask?! Well, as much as meditation is an incredibly personal thing, there are some tricks we can suggest to help you learn how to access this blissful place as and when you please.

First of all find yourself a calm and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed and you can sit comfortably. You can sit on the floor, in a chair, on a cushion or almost anywhere you like, however we do suggest to retain the natural curvature of your back as this helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Next create a soft focus with your eyes. To do this, just gently begin to close them until everything around you seems blurred or out of focus. Look at something nondescript like the floor or a wall so as not to cloud your mind with distraction. Begin to slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Don’t try to fill your lungs entirely, just breathe in as much as is comfortable. You’ll find as you meditate more, your lung capacity will seem to increase as your body grows used to this breathing style.

Finally focus on your breathing. Feel each breath as it comes in to your lungs, journeying in through your nose, into your body and back out through your mouth. You’ll begin to feel a calm relaxation take over your body. Keep your focus on these breaths being completely aware of each individual one. When you begin, you may find your focus wavering and that’s ok, as you meditate more and learn more about your methods you’ll find your concentration levels increasing.

Repeat these steps as often as you feel you need to. Congratulations, you’ve learnt the basics of meditation! We’d love to hear about your experience so if you’ve read this blog and given it a go, let us know on our Facebook page! We hope you enjoy :).

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