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What is Cosmic Ordering and How Does it Affect Me?

What is Cosmic Ordering and How Does it Affect Me?

Cosmic Ordering is similar to the Law of Attraction in the sense that it uses the power of positive thinking and creative energies to bring our desires closer to us. Whether romantic, social, financial, health related or otherwise there are no limits to what Cosmic Ordering can do. The art of turning belief into success and prosperity in life.

You must ask correctly though, you must be positive and open to whatever may come your way, don’t stay too attached to the direct outcome as the path that may lead you there might not be as straight and clear as you first think.

In the early 1900s Wallace D Wattles wrote ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ which was a book based on Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction. His ideas may sound basic or simple in the sense that he promotes visualising and thinking hard about what you want to output cosmic energies that will bring your desires closer to you. “Success in life is becoming what you want to be” is a quote from the book, in this Wattles lays clear his theory on divine happiness. If you want to be a millionaire, that’s happiness. If you want to have a family, that’s happiness. If you get what you visualise in your mind and make it happen, that’s happiness.

When you think about these ideas they become a reality. Everything around you started as a thought, every theory, every invention and every rule that you live your life by began as a thought in someones mind. On top of Karma playing a big role in your energies, you must always remember that if you don’t believe it’s possible with all your heart, it has a much smaller chance of coming to fruition.

This doesn’t mean we can suddenly become Superman or Batman just because we believe it, because in reality our consciousness won’t believe something we know to be fiction. It has to be possible and it has to have your full belief and strength behind it. To make the most of Cosmic Ordering you need to set out what you want, work out how you’d like to get there and make your own movements with FULL faith that you will succeed. In doing this, you’ll feel the cosmic energies surrounding you and carrying you toward success.


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