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What is a Tarot Card Reading?

What is a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Cards have been used since the mid 15th century as playing cards throughout Europe. They were used for games such as the Italian Tarocchini and French Tarot (Jeu de Tarot). In the 18th century trotology and cartomancy came along and Tarot Cards began to be used for divination.

Many people think of a woman in long robes surrounded by candles and crystal balls when tarot cards are mentioned. Traditionally the outcome would be predictions of the future whether that be financial, love or otherwise. In reality though, it is not the tarot cards which make predictions, in fact, the cards are seen as a method of contacting a higher spirit. Spirit provide the knowledge, the cards just display it.

There are a couple of different types of tarot readings which we will take you through, each has it’s own purpose. Read on to learn which type of tarot reading is the right one for you!

The Different Tarot Readings

So which kind of reading do you want? There are specific readings (or, question based readings) and open readings.

Specific / Question Based Readings

As the name suggests, these kind of readings are to deal with specific issues and questions in your life. You shouldn’t use tarot to make particular decisions for you, instead you should ask the cards for advice on how you can deal with situations or make those decisions yourself. You need to make sure your questions are strong to get the best results from tarot. Our advice for asking the tarot cards a question is as follows 

Open Minded Questions: If you ask a leading question where you already know the answer, it means you’re not giving the cards the space to advise you. Also asking questions where the answer is a simple yes or no, or questions that are time-related mean the tarot cards can’t give an open answer. 

Be accurate, but not too accurate: Your question should be focused, but not overly detailed. Instead of focusing on a single particular issue or a very broad issue, try to give just enough detail to guide the cards.

Focus on yourself: When you have a tarot card reading, it’s for you. Asking questions relating to other people can be tricky as if they’re not present their energies can’t be taken into account. Instead of asking why your friend is doing something, ask what impact you have on your friend’s decision.

Always remain neutral: If you ask leading questions, you wont be allowing the tarot cards to properly advise you. If you lean toward a specific angle in the situation, try to remain neutral in your question. Don’t lead the cards and remain open at all times

Be positive: Always remain positive, avoid negative words and situations. Don’t ask why something isn’t happening, ask why something is.

Some example starts of good questions for tarot cards include:

How might I …
How can I resolve …
How can I advance …
How can I improve …
How can I improve my chances of …
How can I improve my relationship with …
How can I improve my ability to …
How can I make the transition from … to …
Can you help me find a way to …
Can you help me understand why …

Open Readings

An open reading has no particular question. You might have an idea of what area of your life you wish to discuss but that will be as specific as it gets. General love, financial or friendship related readings are common, however it’s also quite common to just go in with an open mind and see what the cards have to say.


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