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What is a Psychic Reading?

Even though it might not look like it, we’re actually all connected on an energetic level through a world wide network that we just can’t see. A little like radio waves.

Psychics can use this to ‘tune in’ to what’s going on for you in a way that gives them an amazing insight into any issues or situations that seem to be occurring

There is no real division between past, present and future in the energetic world, which becomes very clear when you connect with this web.

That’s why Psychic Readers can see into your past, present, and what’s likely to happen in the future.

In a reading with psychicdiamond.com you can expect our friendly and verified Readers to guide your session with them, asking you to validate and confirm impressions that they receive and allowing you to ask questions along the way.


What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

All Mediums are Psychics…not all Psychics are Mediums.
A Medium is someone who can willfully connect with one or more of your loved ones that has passed to Spirit, whereas a Psychic, tunes into the “aura” or “energy field” of the person that they are reading for to gather information. Whilst a Medium can also do this…a Medium is also able to tune into the energy field of a person no longer in the physical body.

A true Medium should be able to communicate with your friends and loved ones who have passed to Spirit and deliver to you very specific and detailed information about you and your loved one’s lives, either living or crossed over.

A Psychic may be Clairaudient, or have the ability to ‘hear’ things, Clairsentient, which means they can ‘feel’ things, or Clairvoyant, which simply means that they can ‘see’ things that most other people can’t. Or they maybe all three! Empaths can tune into the feelings of other people in a very meaningful way.

Psychic Readers can use a huge array of tools – from Tarot to Angel Cards, numerology, astrology or pendulum dowsing. These tools act as a channel, allowing Readers to focus their intention.  That’s why it’s perfectly possible to use ordinary, everyday objects, such as used tea cups or playing cards, they are just tools. Christine x

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