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What is a Past Life Reading

Have you ever wondered if you have ‘been here’ before?

Have you visited an unfamiliar place, but found you had an uncanny knowing about how to get around without a map? Met someone for the first time but felt like they were an old friend? Do you have fascination with another country or culture? Maybe you have an irrational fear that you can’t explain. We’ve all heard of love at first sight but this could be due to a strong attraction that goes beyond your current lifetime!

A Past Life Reading is a review of your incarnations and provides information about them.

The past lives emphasized during the reading are relevant to your current life and help you make sense of present time experiences and beliefs. It can help shift stuck beliefs or concepts that might be holding you back, or heal unsolved emotional issues.

You may have developed strong capabilities in the past, finding out about them helps you validate these abilities in your current life.

We tend to incarnate in Soul Groups so you have known most people in your life today in past lives as well! Relationships may change though, so your husband today may have been your mother in another life. We come together again and again to help each other grow.

You had a soul purpose for creating the life you are living now. Being able to put your life in the context of that bigger picture can be very helpful. Realizing you have lived before opens your consciousness. You are not just the physical body that you inhabit, you are an eternal spirit. Your soul may spend many lifetimes learning spiritual lessons, to provide new perspectives on them.

Past life knowledge can be used to heal, transform and help you become clearer about your current life path.

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