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What is a Medium?

Whether one refers to him-or herself as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Medium or any other similar title, it's all essentially the same thing—the emphasis being on talking to Spirits in the afterlife.
A Psychic isn't necessarily a Medium, but a Medium is a Psychic.

In both modern and ancient times, a Medium is a person who communicates with Spirits.  A Medium is, literally, an “intermediary” between the spirit world and ours.

Sometimes Mediums are called “Channelers,” as they allegedly “channel” communication from the dead to the living. A Medium might only communicate with one or more specific spirits (called “familiars” or “familiar spirits”), or the communication may be spread across many different spirits. The messages may come audibly, visually, or through physical sensations. Modern Mediums distinguish themselves from Psychics, who only read the “energies” of a person or place and do not communicate with actual spirits. (The term “Psychic Medium” can confuse the issue.) Also, Mediums believe that their communication with the spirit world is an inherent ability.

A Mediums primary objective is to give proof of the survival of the human personality after physical death. Most Mediums hail from Spiritualism – a religion started in 1848 after the spirit world made contacted through the mediumship of the Fox sisters at small house in Hydesville USA. This is considered by Spiritualists to be the first demonstration of modern mediumship. Margaret Fox went on to give the first public demonstration of mediumship in the Corinthian Hall, Rochester, New York.

For many years it was illegal to practice mediumship and many of the early Spiritualists had to practice in secret. Mediums were championed by many great men and women during this period despite the fact this could easily discredit their careers and was considered scandalous by many.
One of the most famous people to stick their necks out was the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

We have very gifted Mediums working with us at psychicdiamond.com giving wonderful evidence from loved ones who have passed to spirit.

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