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What are your True Colours?

What are your True Colours?

Picking the colour of your clothes, food or even home decoration with intuitive awareness can totally change your energy. Personality traits can be displayed, exaggerated or even created just by harnessing the energy within colour.

We all resonate and dress for the season, which can be a useful clue to help identify tones that give a positive energy. For example, if you like autumn shades, you’ll probably feel sensational in richer summery pastels. It takes true self-awareness to find your true colours and real confidence to introduce them into your life, but it’s worth investigating shades that reflect your uniqueness, because they allow other people to see the wonderful you!

Have a look at the colour meanings and don’t be afraid to wear a colour for the mood you need!

Yellow – Boosts self-worth and confidence

Red – Adds energy and passion to you or your home

Blue – Brings a sense of calm

Green – Intuition, awareness and healing

Pink – Kindness, compassion and love

Purple – Connects you to your inner vision

Brown – Creates balance and connection to the earth

Orange – Encourages creativity and energy

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