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What are Orbs?


What are Orbs?In photography, an orb is a typically circular artifact on an image. Most commonly, you’ll see orbs in videos or orbs in pictures, but you can also see them with the naked eye. These orbs of light can appear in a variety of different colours, but they’re most often transparent, black, white, green, red or blue. They often float in mid-air, but they can move quickly.

Orbs of light are generally thought to be the manifestation of energy – which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ghost orbs or spirit orbs. Although orb definitions vary from place to place, it’s generally accepted that a “true” orb is an orb that is relatively solid from the centre, without any of the spokes of light that you’d see from orbs caused by light interference. Often, they emit their own light, if only a very small amount of light. Whilst orbs are most often thought of as spirits, some believe them to be a separate form of energy that we don’t yet understand.

What do orb colours mean?

 White orbs: orbs that are white or silver are typically thought to be positive.

 Red orbs: red or orange orbs (orbs that are warm in colour) are generally considered to be warm and protective spirits. Although red and orange can be considered passionate and fiery colours, this is typically not the case when we talk about ghost or spirit orbs. Red orbs could also be a manifestation of the energy of a protector or a caretaker; someone who was watchful in life – perhaps a mother, teacher or nurse.

·Black orbs: orbs with a brown or dark hue may have a reputation as being negative or angry spirits, but in reality they may simply be spirits with negative or heavy emotions attached to them. These are not evil spirits or energy; they are simply spirits with a lot of low or overwhelming emotions attached to them, which may be difficult to deal with if you are inexperienced.

 Green orbs: green is always associated with nature, and in the case of orbs, it tends to represent oneness with the Earth and with the heart – the association between the body, the soul and the Earth. It can also indicate spirits that have never lived on Earth, such as deceased infants.

 Blue orbs: the colour blue is often used to try to illicit a calming, healing response, and in the case of orbs, blue often indicates the presence of a calming or healing energy or spirit.

Spirit orbs may be seen around places like graveyards or churches, or when activities such as seances or clairvoyance work are carried out.

Orbs can also be seen around people. Generally, if someone has an orb or multiple orbs that “hang around”, they are often more of a spiritual person, and may experience other paranormal phenomena, although this is not always the case.

Orbs can also be seen within an individual’s aura, particularly if they are a psychic or spiritualist. This may indicate that they can communicate with spirits or energies, or simply that energies or spirits are trying to communicate.

Although many different people believe many different things about orbs, one thing is widely and commonly accepted: orbs are energy. Seeing manifestations of energy during special occasions, or even during the most mundane of events can be incredibly comforting for family left behind. If we are to believe that orbs are spirits, deceased loved ones or angels, spotting an orb in a family photo is a wonderful way to know whether or not we’re being visited on this plane.

I have seen many orbs over the years, some white but also some absolutely beautiful blues and greens, some of them buzzing with a kind of static electricity, all with the naked eye! It’s a wonderful experience to witness these manifestations.

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