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What Are Angel Card Readings?

What Are Angel Card Readings?


Angel cards can be used for many things, their main purpose is to give guidance in relation to the important things in life. They can help you learn about your career, finances, life goals, relationships or just to give you a sense of understanding regarding your future. The cards, guided by an angelic presence, can give both open ended explanations or specific answers in relation to life and the complex emotions of human beings.

Specific questions can be powerful when used with Angel Cards, however a simple answer is not always guaranteed. A yes or no would be a bit too easy, instead, see the results from the cards as a guide and allow them to help you form your own path. Try not to ask a specific ‘How do I’ question to the cards as you may not find the answer to be quite what you were looking for. Instead, look to the cards for guidance on the steps you can take to help you move closer to your goal.

Many people confuse the art of Tarot with the practice of Angel Cards and they are similar in many ways, however, working with Tarot can require a vast amount of experience before the ability to truly understand the messages is developed. Angel cards will give a more general reading meaning there is more open to interpretation, both from the reader and the person themselves.

You don’t even need to ask the Angel Cards a particular question, they can give a general guidance reading allowing you to either understand where your life is right now, or where it may be going. These kinds of readings are perfect for when you feel change within your life or feel a guiding hand may be of use. You can even get an Angel Card reading over the phone from one of our specialist readers! Visit our Consultant Readers Page.

Before your reading, you want to ensure you feel centered and comfortable. Try some meditation or breathing exercises to ensure your mind is clear and relax in a space with little to no distraction. The clearer your mind, the clearer the reading will be. You can ask the angels ahead of time to bless your hearing and help you to understand it, whilst focusing on your question to ensure they are truly able to connect to your thought process. From this, their guidance will flow and it’s just a question of ow you interpret it.

Our Expert Angel Card Readers & Intuitives can work the power of Angels to guide you in all aspects of life, visit our Consultant Readers Page today.

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