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The Goddess Isis – A modern day Psychic!

Moving into the zodiac sign of Cancer, (June 22nd to July 22nd) whose ruling planet is the Moon I wondered which Goddess was associated with the Moon, and found Isis.

 Isis (called Aset in ancient Egyptian) was married to the god Osiris and mother to the sun god Horus. The Egyptians honoured her as the divine Mother and Mistress of Magic. The stone associated with her is Lapis Lazuli, one that we use today to help develop our Psychic ability. Her love for the Lotus flower is fascinating as we liken our opening Chakras to the opening of the Lotus flower!

Isis is strongly associated with water and the annual Nile flood was described as the tears of Isis. Her special colour is blue, the colour of female divinity. Isis is said to protect boats out at sea and is prayed to by Mariners.

Unlike other Egyptian deities, Isis was keen to mix with people, teaching them how to grow corn, weave and use medicine.

Isis let her intuition guide her at all times and could easily read people – in fact she was a modern day Psychic!

Isis shows us the importance of knowledge, learning and broadening our horizons. Her power is in her ability to connect with people, and in having a keen sixth sense. She teaches us to trust our instincts.

We are not so different today, we just call our Intuitives, Psychic’s!

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