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Mercury Retrograde and What it Means for You

In astrology circles Mercury’s retrograde commands a lot of attention due to the overwhelming range of effects it can have on our wellbeing, productivity and society in general. Every quarter or so (3-4 times a year) Mercury shoots past Earth creating a retrograde period in which a metaphorical wind gets kicked up as the planets pass. This is because Mercury is much closer to the sun and therefore has a hugely shorter orbit. This particular retrograde began on April 9th and will stay for 3 weeks until May 3rd.

When a planet is in it’s retrograding phase it is sleeping or resting astrologically speaking, this means that it is unable to function fully and keep control of it’s activities. Mercury is the ruler of communication, formal contracts, agreements and important documents so expect there to be some serious confusion and make sure to double check your letters!

What does this mean for you?

Whilst Mercury is in the retrograde portion of it’s orbit you are best off laying low and not taking any risks. It’s almost impossible to make a confirmed plan for the future and anything you do put in to place is unlikely to be set in stone.

This is not a good time to do anything communications based such as magazines, articles, publicity campaigns or advertising. It’s also not the best time to be launching a new endeavor as you may find your ability to advertise / communicate with your target audience a little difficult.

Do not close on a house, sign a new contract or take a new job, you’re best off waiting until this brief period passes, make it to May 3rd and then go on to reach your full potential with the planets on your side!

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