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Have you found your Soul Mate?

Have you found your Soul Mate?

Many people get caught up in the fairytale dream of a soulmate. The perfect romantic partner, just like in the movies, who will sweep us off our feet and carry us away to a utopia of love and eternal happiness. We’re not saying this isn’t possible, in fact i’m sure some of you reading this are lucky enough to have found them, or you’re not far from it!

However, the true definition of a soulmate doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic partner! In fact, it says “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner”. So, do you think you’ve found your soulmate? Or are you wondering what to look out for? We’ll give you an idea of what to expect in general, or for a more personal piece of guidance head on over to our Consultant Readers page and give us a call!


1. Instant recognition

Is it love at first sight? Do you feel like you’ve known them forever? They just slot into your life perfectly and you struggle to imagine life without them?

If you’re experiencing true comfort and you feel at home with the person, even from first meeting, then it’s a good sign they could be a soulmate!


2. They’re your best friend

Whether romantic or not, if you feel the person is your best friend, there for you no matter what and easy to rely on, this could either be the basis of a beautifully strong relationship or a wonderful friendship.

If you understand each other and connect on a stronger level than most of your other friends, maybe you share the same sense of humour or hobbies, either way you can’t get enough of each other!


3. You motivate each other to succeed

They’ll know, understand and support your dreams. They’ll push you toward success and help to give you a step up or words of encouragement when you need it.

It’s a very special balance of pushing you to achieve and supporting you when things don’t go to plan that is achieved with a soul mate. They’ll be able to push you forward whilst helping to hold you up, an absolutely beautiful feeling.


4. You’ll share a vision of the future

This is where it can be tricky! Your soulmate may not necessarily be heading in the EXACT same direction as you, but you’ll be aiming for similar things. This is partly how the support and motivation balance is achieved with such empathy.

You may share political hope, desires for a family, a need to go exploring or a similar business hope! The possibilities are endless, but look for the similarities and the empathy that comes with such a deep connection.


5. You’ll fight to keep the person in your life

A soulmate will be someone you will NOT want to let go of. You’d go to extreme lengths to keep them in your life and through any conflict, argument or disagreement, there’ll be an overwhelming feeling that you will definitely sort it out. After all, how could you imagine life without them?

Not only will you fight each other, you’ll form a fearsome team and fight together against any common enemy that may spring up. A true show of force and a true partner in crime.


6. You can do different things, but prefer to be together

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad, and soulmates are able to strike that perfect balance of time together and time apart. They will always prefer to be together, but wont find themselves consumed by jealousy and anxiety when they face some time away from each other.

Still, the time spent together will be like no other time in your life. You’ll treasure memories of just sitting together and watching a movie just as much as memories of holidays or crazy adventures together.


7. You respect each other’s way of life

All too often you meet people who try and change you, or meet people you want to change. Regardless of whether the change is for the better or not, a true soulmate will wish to change no part of you. Their flaws will compliment yours and you will frustrate each other with this, but you will be able to understand the other’s point easily and respect it.

If you find yourself accepting someone regardless of their flaws or quirks, you may have met someone that you share this sacred bond with.


8. Authenticity

Most of us will have a few different personalities. Now, we’re not talking in a hugely psychological manner, but you’ll react differently around different people and you’ll play certain characteristics up or down to fit the situation. This is totally normal and something nearly all of us will do, however when you’re with your soulmate, this becomes irrelevant.

A strong ability to be genuinely you and not have to think twice before you speak coupled with a feeling of utter relaxation and freedom from anxiety is a surefire sign of a soulmate level relationship.


If throughout reading this you’ve had someone in your mind, the likelihood is they could be a soulmate to you. If you’d like some personal guidance on soul mates or your relationships, contact us today from our Consultant Readers page.

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