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Easy Meditation Practices for a Beginner

Meditation is a very common practice in the modern world. After our last meditation blog took you through the history of meditation, we thought it would be good to follow it up with a blog to teach any beginner some basic meditation techniques.

First Of All – Get To Know The Basics

This is the best way to start with meditation. It can often be perfect for people with an interest in meditation that they want to explore. Select your location well, somewhere you can lay down or sit in a position where you can completely relax.

Firstly, focus on your breathing. Pay attention to every breath and the movements in your chest. Hold this for as long as you feel it’s necessary. 5-10 minutes can often be enough! This allows your mind to rest and allows you to take a break from daily stresses. Notice your new level of relaxation after this, you will appreciate the difference.

Mindfulness Meditation

Now it’s time to focus on you. Focus on how you feel, what is affecting you both positively and negatively. Using the basic techniques, instead of restricting your focus to your breathing, focus on yourself. Notice sensations in your body, how you’re sitting, what is causing you stress or discomfort. You don’t want to make any judgements on the thoughts that pass through your head. Become neutral and just observe what is around you.

Walking Meditation

If all of this sitting still isn’t for you, or you get restless easily, you can meditate while walking. At it’s core, meditation is just about shifting your minds focus from everything to a singular track to allow it time to rest. Walk somewhere comfortable, it’ll be easier if it’s somewhere you know well like your garden. Walk around and just focus entirely on how your body is moving. Feel every step, the touch of the ground, the bounce of the walk, the swinging arms. Don’t let your mind wander, hold focus on this alone. Again, this could be done with a simple 5-10 minutes.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation shifts focus of the brain onto a word, phrase, song, chant or even thought. Usually sacred or meaningful words and/or phrases, the most famous of all is the Sanskrit “aum”. These words/chants can be repeated out loud or silently, however often people find it easier to focus on the sound if they verbalise it.

Soundwave Meditation

Similar to mantra meditation, this method switches focus to a sound. However, this technique has a focus on frequencies. Below we will outline the 5 frequencies and what they relate to:

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