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Distance Healing

Because we usually perceive our world through ordinary consciousness we appear to be separate from each other. On one level that is a true statement. If I cut my hand with a knife, my hand bleeds, not yours. However, that is not the ultimate reality because at the level of ‘energy’ or ‘vibration’ nothing is separate from anything else. We are all part of the great Universal energy.We have the ability to access this ‘field’ of consciousness through heightened states of awareness. We can tap into our higher mind which sees and knows all.Often people begin to have an expanded sense of awareness and consequently a greater sense of self, when they begin to practice meditation, yoga, t’ai chi, dowsing or some other energetic discipline like Reiki, that helps them tune back into their natural state of connectedness to Spirit. If we can access this consciously, we can work with it to great effect to heal ourselves and others.A distance Reiki healing energy session is a convenient way to enhance the quality of your life without leaving the comfort of your home. Its power as a remote energy healing technique is equal to that of a Reiki hands-on energy healing treatment. One way to offer context to this practice is to think of the distance Reiki energy being sent to you as "Wi-Fi Reiki!"  Reiki can be sent to a person, animal, situation time or place. Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers. As a suitably attuned Reiki Master/Teacher and energy healer, I can send the wonderful healing properties of Reiki to anyone or anything, anywhere in the world at any time. Sending Reiki is possible because energy is not confined and can transcend time and space so it is easily transmitted anywhere. Although, at first, this concept may be a little hard to grasp over the years my clients have asked me to send Reiki to their loved ones or to certain situations where they feel the need for extra support. Clients that have had distance healing sessions have reported that they feel less stressed, increased healing, and are much calmer during situations they thought would bother them.  

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