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Citrine – The POSITIVE Crystal

Citrine – The POSITIVE Crystal

Citrine is an amazing crystal which outputs positive vibrations and healing to its user. This beautiful yellow crystal got it’s name from the French word citron, meaning lemon. It’s also been known as Gold Topaz, Madeira, Spanish Topaz and Safranite, amongst others. The warmth of Citrine makes it an energetic and optimistic crystal putting strength and joy into life.

Also known as the stone of abundance, Citrine can bring relief and healing by helping you to let go of negative emotions when they’re no longer needed. You can be affected by negative energy physically, emotionally or even spiritually and the healing properties of this wonderful crystal help alleviate these issues. Citrine is one of two crystals that never have to be cleansed or cleared of the negative energy that they absorb from both your body and the environment, they just naturally disperse and transmute it into the earth.

Citrine meaning has to do with new beginnings, new adventures and feeling a fullness in your life. This incredible yellow quartz brings it’s user a breath of fresh air and a happiness from true positivity. Encouraging creativity and dreaming, Citrine can help turn your dreams into reality!

Along with all of these abilities, Citrine is known to encourage the sharing of wealth and prosperity by promoting generosity. If you want to feel the strongest benefits of Citrine, encourage these behaviors within yourself and feel the true benefits. You can store a piece in your wallet or purse and this will not only help to discourage impulse buying but also help to bring money in!

Citrine is especially beneficial to those who’re sensitive toward the energy and influence of other people. It’ll enhance the light around you to protect your Aura and is a strong crystal for artists or other creative people.

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