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Chakras and Auras

Chakras and Auras are two terms you’ll hear a lot. In this blog we intend to give you a quick run down of both and their relationship with each other! A true understanding of the way these work will hugely help you understand more about not only the powerful energies around us, but about yourself as well.

So, What Chakras Do We Have?

The main 7 chakras that we have and need to focus on are:

Crown chakra – on top of your head

Third-eye chakra – just above the bridge of your nose

Throat chakra – on the throat

Heart chakra – on your heart

Solar plexus chakra – naval area

Sacral chakra – lower abdomen on the front and lower back

Root chakra – base of the spine

Chakras are key energy transfer points, they’re incredibly important as this is where a lot of your energies are distributed from. They can help to ensure that the right energies are reaching the places they need to. Chakras can also become blocked as well as be used to work out exactly what is bothering you. Many psychic professionals are able to physically see chakras and auras within people. It’s the combination of performance from all of these chakras that forms your aura!


Our Aura, as mentioned above, is our general energy field made up from the combination of all of our chakras. This is the same as any living thing from humans to plants to animals. It’s said that the human aura reaches out several feet around our bodies and, to the trained eye, can be seen as either bright and sparkly or more of a dull glow depending on how you feel and how your chakras are performing. Your aura will give away everything down to how tired you are, how happy or even how confused you are at the time.

Imagine it like a bubble around you with varying colour, shades and shines. It’s an incredible thing to see!

So, how exactly do they work together?

The relationship between the two have such a huge reflection on your energies and what you are putting out into the universe. Your feelings or emotions are often directly related to the energies being either displayed or blocked by the performance of these chakras.

When your chakras are flowing energy well and your aura is shining, you feel on top of the world. You’re elated and feel like nothing could bring you down. At the same time, when we feel our heads spinning with negative emotion and we find ourselves feeling down in the dumps, it’s good to try and cleanse those chakras to ensure a strong flow of energy throughout you.

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