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Chakra Energising Workshop

Tried and Tested – Chakra Energising Workshop

Kate Delamere from Spirit & Destiny decided to pop down to one of our Chakra Energising Workshops  in Leighton Buzzard and she had an absolutely amazing time with us!

She joined one of our regular workshops at our rural farm location where she was warmly welcomed along with a few other lovely ladies ready for Christine to open the workshop. As always, hospitality is a priority and tea and biscuits were served with some light chit chat so everyone felt comfortable. After this we moved on to the more therapeutic side of the workshop.


The Workshop

We began with a guided meditation session lasting around 8 minutes to clear our heads and help everyone feel relaxed and ready for the process of unblocking the separate chakras throughout the body. Tibetan bells are used to clear the energy in the room with the noise sounding somewhat therapeutic and dissolving any anxiety and negativity within your brain.

After this simple but relaxing process, Christine began to discuss the importance of each chakra and its position. You can find out more about Chakras in our previous blogs focusing on the subject.

Once the chakra explanation is completed, a pendulum is used over chakra cards for your subconscious spirit to select which particular chakras are blocked. The cards are placed face-down to ensure spirit makes the decision and not the person themselves. You can also find out more about pendulum dowsing in our previous blogs.

Christine then used Reiki to infuse healing energy into particular crystals and asked each person to pick the gem that corresponded to their blocked chakra and a message card relating to each crystal. These messages, although private in meaning, are often chosen to be shared with the group to help accentuate the openness within the group. Often everyone sharing these messages brings a real uplift to the atmosphere in the room and allows to help the chakras unblock via good energy flowing between every person.

After this the tapping began, which is also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. This is where every person in the group is asked to put a hand over each chakra and gently tap it. This allows encouragement of free-flowing energy through acupressure and helps to lift the mood and free up the energy to flow through each individual chakra.

The process can be incredibly powerful and we encourage you to try it for yourself. We’ve attached the images from the article for you to view, but if you’d like to attend a workshop yourself you can contact Christine via e-mail at Christine@PsychicDiamond.co

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