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Celestite – An Angelic Crystal

Celestite – An Angelic Crystal

The name of this crystal ‘Celestite’ comes from ‘coelestis’ which is a Latin word meaning heavenly. This is quite fitting considering this stone has a close association with Archangel Michael as well as angels in general. It’s powerful vibrations and energies make Celestite a very popular stone with most who come into contact with it. It can add to your angel altar, act as a key stone to enhance spiritual practices or just make a welcome addition to any crystal collection old or new!

The crystal is not only beautiful in the way it behaves, but physically with it’s blue glow you could be forgiven for staring into it like a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Known for enhancing abilities to communicate with higher realms it comes in many different sizes from pocket-sized crystal pieces to big clusters meaning you can store it at home to help bless your surroundings with it’s gifts, or keep it with you for on-hand guidance and protection.

This interesting gem is just as amazing for guidance as it is for connecting to the angelic realms. It’s psychic healing powers are extremely strong and you can trust in it’s power to protect and guide you. Try placing some trusty Celestite beneath your pillow before bed and filling your mind’s focus on questions you have in your life. The angels will bring you answers, or guidance to your own answers whilst strengthening your bond with you and your personal guardian angel.

On top of the wonders of bringing celestial beings closer and strengthening bonds, this crystal is even thought to help you DEVELOP psychic gifts such as clairaudience. The strong energies from the crystal cleanse your third eye and expand your consciousness enhancing your sixth sense and bringing your physical self closer to your psychic abilities. Celestite is well known to unlock the chakras right through the eighth chakra which is also sometimes known as the seat of the soul. This chakra is associated with accessing as well as understanding your higher self and is found just above the crown chakra. This means the Celestite can help to bring confidence at times of self-doubt or self-limiting beliefs. If you feel this may be your Celestite calling, try laying down on the floor and placing a piece just above your crown Chakra (top of the head). Relax, breathe, meditate and imagine a golden light falling from the sky and channeling into you through the stone.

Overall, Celestite is one of the most awe-inspiring and highly energetic crystals around, if your collection contains none we recommend sourcing some soon, it truly is wonderful!

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