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Can I have a Tarot or Angel Card Reading over the Phone?

Quite often we get asked, can we give a tarot card reading over the phone? The short answer is yes. Tarot Cards (as explained in our previous blog) are a way for spirit to contact us and help to give guidance on issues within our lives. We offer both Tarot and Angel Card Readings via the phone (depending on which of our lovely Psychics is available) and we’re happy to explain just how we do this!

Tarot v Angel – What’s right for me?

In reality, both angel or tarot cards can be used for divination purposes. Both types of card can allow a connection with spirit in which advice and help is given to move forward. The main difference, as the names suggest, is that angel cards are based around angelic themes and don’t tend to contain some of the more ‘devilish’ cards that a tarot deck may contain. That’s not to say these cards are negative by nature, just tarot cards have a different structure and often angel cards are preferred by those who do not wish to risk having one of the less angelic cards being drawn.


What is the Process to a Phone Tarot or Angel Card Reading?

When someone rings through to our phone line, we first of all like to greet them and swap names. If you specify you’d like a tarot or angel card reading, we might ask whether you have any particular questions you would like answered. If not, we can proceed with an open reading. We will start by shuffling our deck and ensuring the card choice is not in any way influenced by the reader themselves. The cards will come out as the spirit wishes them to.

After the shuffle, we will address the reading. In the case of an open reading we will draw cards and give you a general overview of the information that is being passed to us by spirit. This could be relating to anything; love, finances, work, friendships, family… anything! In the case of a specific question reading we would address each question via the cards and use them to give advice and guidance to help you take the next step.

Whether you’re wanting to have guidance on specific matters or a general overview on the direction your life may be taking, both Tarot and Angel cards can help with that. Our experienced readers are ready on the end of the phone waiting for your call, so head to our consultant readers page and have your cards read today!

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