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How do you spot a sign from the Angels? And when they’ve got your attention – what do you do?

Have you found a white feather in an unusual place, or do you keep finding them and wondering how they got there! A white feather is traditionally associated with celestial beings. A wonderful message that they want us to know they are with us.

Why not collect the feathers you get and pop them in a pretty jar to take out when you need to feel close to the Angels. Or pop one into a get-well card or gift and spread a little angel energy.

Watch out for coincidences, they are another way the angels reach out and contact you. A common one is to bump into an old friend several times after not seeing them for years! Maybe you need a chat to discover what the angels need you to know.

Look out for coins, crystals or wonderful shaped pebbles that catch you eye. These seemingly insignificant objects van mean an awful lot when you have asked for a sign. Keep them in a special place and treasure them.

Dreaming is another way the Angels communicate with us. Write down any ideas of words of wisdom that may have come to you in your dream state as often it’s only when you wake up that you realise you have been communicating with a celestial helper.

If you feel drawn to Angels and would like some guidance from them. Why not call one of our Expert Angel Cards Readers for an angelic reading. Go to our Consultant Readers page and make that call. Bookings available if your chosen Angel Expert isn’t available when you are. Leave us a message and we will get back to you.

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